Our Story

John Foust
I grew up always finding a fascination with any kind of weather and I would always have this butterfly feeling in my stomach knowing that a snow storm was coming or severe weather, almost practically any type of weather event. My “early” weather career began at the age of 8, where i would do the morning weather announcements for my elementary school every morning and each afternoon I would depict the Unisys Weather models (the older folks will remember those lol) because it was basically all we had during that time frame! My knowledge for weather begin to expand once i realized that there was more to weather than looking at graphs and models and understood that it was the atmosphere that controlled it all. Weather to me is like my child…second nature and the love i have for it will only continue to grow. I started RapidWx back in 2013 just with the sole intentions of having somewhere to show the weather to people….not really taking in consideration that people could follow me/like the page…and so forth. In late 2015, the page name changed to East Coast Weather Association, with no offense to any other part of the Unites states but because so much more exciting weather happens along the eastern portions of the CONUS. To this day, even with the partner ship with Eastern Weather Consulting, my sole purpose is to give you guys free, accurate weather information because that’s what I love to do!

Mike Griffith

I have had a fascination with the weather since a very young age, perhaps since 9 years old. Both of my parents were licensed pilots as I was growing up, and I flew with my mom often since the age of 12 years old. Aviation weather forecasts essentially convinced me that I was going to become a weatherman. I had a deep passion for aviation weather observations and forecasts. When I started college in my 20s, I knew that I wanted to be a Meteorologist. I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelors in Meteorology-Weather Forecasting and Communications ┬áin 2010 and a Master’s in Applied Meteorology from Plymouth State University in late 2011. I look forward to serving clients and the general public on my own and not working for someone else!