Nowcasting and Storm Alerts

Advanced Notice of Potential Severe Weather

Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Ice Storms, and Winter storms can disrupt business or bring it. Find out how to plan your business activities accordingly around the weather. If you own a snow plow company, or are a landscaper, these alerts may be very useful for your business. Email, website login, and 24/7 phone consultation with a live meteorologist during Storm Alert time. Files are typically a pdf file with the forecast update. Videos are also issued.

Winter Storm Alerts

Winter Storm Alerts are issued as soon as something is shown in the models and there is decent agreement. These alerts allow for no-hype advanced planning for your business. These may even be useful to other meteorologists or weather enthusiasts. Use the contact form for quotes.

Severe Weather and Hurricane Alerts

During thunderstorm season, get real-time severe weather alerts from a meteorologist, giving a heads-up email or web site update. Hurricanes are discussed well in advance, and will provide any type of updates and latest model forecasts plus discussion. Also, meteorological thought is put into forecasts, not just model forecasts.

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