CWA Professional Services

Carolina Weather Authority Premium 5.50 / month or 67.25 Annually

5.50 monthly subscription option:

65.00 annual subscription option:

Members will receive email updates sent out prior to pending weather events tailored for the Carolinas around surrounding region. Weekend outdoor plans and farmers can benefit from this product. Graphics will also be available and emailed to members before anyone else so they can get first-hand information. This is information that is not made public or available on Facebook.

Monthly Individual Memberships are Ideal For:

  • Personal access to a forecaster via email/chat
  • Tropical, severe weather, and winter weather updates sent to your email
  • Discussion of major weather events sent to your email before being published on social media
  • Hurricane season if you have interests along the coast, vacation or property
  • Winter storm accurate predictions and in-advance heads up
  • Severe weather potential tailored for your area
  • Extremes in forecast heat or cold tailored for your area

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Free sample forecasts and reports are available by sending an email to