Long-Range Outlook

Outlook Matrix:

Unsettled pattern to continue through the end of March. After a brief warmup this weekend we will dip back down below average next week with wintry weather looking to make it into the region Tuesday (3/20).

I can not show you the NAO forecast, but it is forecasted to move into the positive phase which usually corresponds with higher heights and above average temperatures when we begin April

Dates Threats Significance Confidence (1-5)
3/18 - 3/21 Temperatures Above average for the weekend and the beginning of next week 5
3/18-3/19 Heavy Rain Above average precipitation for the Tennessee and Mississippi Valley 4
3/21 Winter Storm Winter storm looks to take aim at the Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas 4
3/21-3/23 Temperatures Below average temperatures will continue to overtake the area 3
3/13/3-23 Precipitation Slightly below average precipitation over this span 3
End of March Temperatures Temperatures look to be below average to end the month  4
Beginning of April Temperatures We look to return back to average in the beginning of the mont 3
Middle of April Temperatures Finally, above average temperature make their way into the East and spring finally arrives 3





GEFS ensembles look to sustain below average temperatures through the end of the month of March.



NOAA CPC 8-14 Day Outlook:

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Forecaster: Bielfeld
Last Updated:  3/13/2018


Climate forecast data gathered from the CPC: http://origin.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/people/mchen/CFSv2FCST/weekly/