Disturbance in South Atlantic has 40% Chance of Formation

I’m not worried about the disturbance in the Guld, which will likely just drift into Eastern Mexico as a tropical depression, but I’m more worried about Disturbance 2 in the South Atlantic. This disturbance could be taking a favorable track to disrupt lives in Hispaniola and the Leeward Islands. This is the 5-day outlook from the NHC:

It’s not looking impressive on any of the models, but what we have to go by here is satellite. That is a healthy looking tropical wave, since it has a “leaf” structure. This is indicative of deepening central low pressure. We will have to monitor this wave closely over the next week.


Here is the wave on satellite on the bottom right side of the screen:

It is tracking westward. Currently over the South-Central Atlantic. This could get interesting!


Author: Michael Griffith

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