** January 30th Snow Potential

A strong clipper will move south and east as described and bring some wintry potential outside of the Mountains for parts of VA in DE/MD. As the energy moves off shore, it attempts to strengthen and throws in a little more moisture and could set up a “surprise zone” of snow somewhere over Delaware/Delmarva Peninsula…which has been seen plenty of times over the last few years. ¬†The NAM has been pretty keen to that idea

Now the NAM is known for being quite wet and this isnt considering the fact that this will start as a brief period of drizzle/rain outside of the mountains before changing to snow once the heavier bands make it east.

Known the less, confidence is growing in some accumulating¬†snow outside of the mountains late this weekend and there is the potential for several inches in portions of MD/DE/South NJ. Outside of these area’s, snow showers accumulating to a dusting is more likely the scenario


Author: Michael Griffith

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