Daily Forecast for Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Weather Forecast and High Temperature Map for North Carolina and South Carolina on July 3rd, 2020

Forecast for Friday: Hot, but not Steamy

If you’ve lived in the Carolinas for even one summer, then you know it gets hot. Like very hot. The Forecast for Friday is, in a word, hot, with temperatures in the mid 90s for most of the region. These temperatures are definitely in the above-average range (the 30-year average temperature for

30 year average for temperature and precip in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina
July is the wettest, hottest month for Central North Carolina. Using data from the last 30 years, the average high temperature is 90.2°F.

Raleigh in July is 90.2°F). However, most Carolinians know the true cause of exceptionally unpleasant weather is the combination of the heat with the humidity. Thankfully, it looks like the relative humidity will stay below 50% for central North Carolina and South Carolina. Of course, coastal locations will have higher humidity, but they have that wonderful sea breeze to keep thing more comfortable.

Sunny Everywhere

Well, almost everywhere. As is usually the case, the windward side of the Blue Ridge Mountains are the most likely to see some rain on Friday. Even there, the risk is in the 20%-30% range, so low I didn’t even include a small lightning bolt on our main map!

Literally every Carolinian will get to see sunshine tomorrow! It looks like, although hot, it will be a great day to kick off the Holiday Weekend!


Weather Forecast and High Temperature Map for North Carolina and South Carolina on July 3rd, 2020
Absolutely beautiful weather across the Carolinas on Friday. The temps will be pushing the low to mid 90s in most locations. However, light winds out of the North and Northwest will help keep the humidity down.

Independence Day

Our esteemed colleague Joshua Nagelberg has put together an excellent article regarding the weather forecast for the Fourth of July. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look as pleasant as Friday. As of the time of writing this article, his forecast still looks spot-on (no surprise there). Be sure to read the article for more details on what to expect on Saturday. Until then, enjoy the holiday weekend!



Author: Michael Griffith

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