Daily Forecast for Saturday, June 27th, 2020

High Temperature and Weather Forecast for NC and SC

Hot & Muggy Saturday, Sunday, Ahead

We made it to the weekend! Within this daily forecast for Saturday, June 28th, I have good news and bad news for you. Remember that heat wave that every weather website (including our own) was forecasting for this weekend? Well, those predictions of near 100°F temperatures are not going to happen! At least not this weekend. I won’t go into all the details about why that forecast never materialized. However, if you are curious, check out Joshua Nagelberg’s excellent article explaining why the models have been wonky lately and where all the data comes from. There is not a single location in NC/SC that will get anywhere near 100°F this weekend, and that is the good news!

However, while the maximum air temperature for our region will max out around 92°F, it is gonna feel much hotter. The bad news is that relatively high dew points will cause the heat index to peak at around 95°F. The hottest location for Saturday will be the Raleigh metropolitan area, where the heat index could easily hit 96°F.

Temperatures along the coast will be slightly lower than the piedmont, making for an excellent time to head to the beaches! However, the most comfortable temperatures will be in the mountains, but there is a reason for this…

Forecast Rain Chances will be Low Saturday

Unless you live in the mountains of North Carolina. A rather strong 500mb shortwave is going to move into the area Saturday, which will give locations like Asheville and Boone a 20% to 30% chance for thunderstorms. This same feature should help keep temps and dew points low and comfortable. So, while the mountains have the best chance for thundershowers, they will also enjoy the coolest temperatures in the entire region.

The piedmont regions of NC/SC will have stagnant air but very little in the way of rain chances. As usual, I hesitate to rule out any chances for shower/thundershower activity, but I would be surprised to see anything of significance fire up. Conditions in the sandhills and piedmont regions should be sunny to mostly sunny.

The coastal regions will also enjoy a mostly cloudless Saturday. The northeast corner of the Outer Banks of North Carolina should be practically cloud free, if not hot.

Enjoy that Sunshine!

Besides the temperatures being hot, but reasonably pleasant, the Daily Forecast for Saturday includes a warning… We are all a bit weary of the models right now here at Carolina Weather Authority. That being said, we are reasonably sure that the Fourth of July holiday weekend forecast is going to be much cloudier and possibly more unsettled than this weekend. So if you are still trying to decide if you want to make that beach trip to Wilmington, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, or the Outer Banks, you should definitely do it this weekend!

And, without further adieu, here is your Forecast Map for Saturday, June 27th!

High Temperature and Weather Forecast for NC and SC
Hot, but WONDERFULLY SUNNY! Best chances for rain are in the mountains, but even there only a 30% chance. Time to treat yourself with a trip to the beach!

And incase you missed it, here is the 5-day forecast that we posted on our Facebook Page on Friday.

5 Day Forecast for Charlotte, North Carolina
Temperatures will go down into next week, but rain chances go up!
5 Day Forecast for Raleigh, North Carolina
Temperatures will go down into next week, but rain chances go up!





Author: Michael Griffith

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