Independence Day Weekend Likely to Feature More Clouds and Precipitation

The last few July Fourth holidays featured plenty of sunshine and fairly hot and humid conditions across the Carolinas – complete with afternoon and evening fireworks courtesy of Mother Nature! Well some changes are coming this year. The weather leading up to the weekend will likely remain unsettled as an upper level trough in the Eastern U.S. splits off, and clouds and unsettled weather drift southwest into the Deep South and Gulf Coast regions. A cold front will likely push southwest and wash out just to our southwest.

The forecast looks unsettled for the July Fourth holiday weekend and beyond with near to above normal precipitation expected.

While it’s unlikely that July Fourth or the rest of the weekend will be a washout, the trend is likely for rather humid and mostly cloudy weather, with widely scattered showers. Closer to the front across the western Carolinas and Savannah River Valley, it will be a little more unsettled with the risk for thunderstorms. Farther northeast of Raleigh, we expect to see lower chances for rain and higher chances for sunshine. The beaches will not be a washout either day, but chances for some showers increase the farther south you go. In addition, low pressure may be stalled offshore and keep the Outer Banks in a cool and overcast setup.

With the unsettled weather and increased clouds comes expected cooler temperatures this July Fourth holiday weekend and into the following week.

Temperatures are expected to remain slightly below average, with most inland locations topping out in the 80s. A few spots could climb past 90, but the overall flavor is for mild temperatures. Mountain and foothill locations may not get out of the 70s due to clouds and expected showers. The Outer Banks, especially north of Hatteras, might struggle to climb past 70 if skies stay cloudy. If we could assign a number on a 1-10 scale, we’d give this year’s holiday a 4.

Stay tuned to CWA as forecasts may change over the next 8 days!


Author: Joshua Nagelberg

Josh is a meteorologist based in Raleigh with over 15 years experience, including over 5 years as a consulting event meteorologist, specializing in golf, athletics, and recreation. He is married with a daughter and pet lovebirds and a turtle. He also co-owns other online retail businesses and is a business mentor and coach. He is a Penn State grad from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Josh is answering his calling to help others succeed in life and make conscious decisions when it comes to weather.