Invest 99L Needs to be Watched

It is still way too early to make a call where Invest 99L where go, and if it even deveops. However, the NHC is giving this disturbance a 70% of formation over the next 5 days. This system will likely become a tropical depression, and could even become a tropical storm. The Caribbean and Hispaniola need to pay close attention to this potential storm, as the model ensembles take it in that general vicinity.

This is not the only tropical system currently being monitored, as Invest 98L will lurk just off the Southeast Coast over the next 5 days. This system has an increased chance of formation, around a 90 PERCENT chance of formation. The good news with this system is that it is expected to remain offshore.


The biggest concern in the coming weeks will be Invest 99L, and what that disturbance decides to do. Stay with us here at Carolina Weather Authority for ALL the latest tropical updates.

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-Mike Griffith


Author: Michael Griffith

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