Jose to Flirt with Eastern New England, Cool-off End of Month

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Thanks for being a member. We will continue to try and bring you only the most quality, premium content. Let’s get started with Jose, as some people are already on pins and needles about him. We don’t think that Jose will bring any direct impacts to the Mid-Atlantic or Carolinas, other than some rough surf. So there could be rip current advisories issued. However, we are now looking at the chance of him brushing Eastern New England, namely Cape Cod as he makes his northward turn out into the Atlantic.

Here is this morning’s GFS run showing his progression from this weekend until sometime around the 20th. With blocking high pressure, he will move slowly!


And here is the POTENTIAL Cape Code strike:

Here is the OFFICIAL NHC forecast. Even they have widened their cone of uncertainty to now include southern or eastern New England. As of now, he is a tropical storm, however he is expected to become a hurricane by Saturday morning.


As Jeff pointed out last night, the hurricane ensemble models are getting tighter with their forecast tracks for Jose. This is pretty good agreement on a northeast track!


And now for the temperature trends. It certainly has warmed up here in the East. Going into this weekend it will be hard to find a chill in the air. So get out and enjoy it since summer only has maybe another week left. This weekend will continue to feel warm but not too hot outside.

GFS temperature anomalies at the surface for Saturday into Sunday:


However, later this month, around the 25th or even later, we start to see some cooler air trying to work it’s way in from the Midwest. This would be just after fall arrives and would be completely normal for this time of year. This is according to the Euro:


All for now. Any questions please feel free to comment below or respond to Jeff’s email. Thanks for reading!

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