Rare Freezing Temperatures Expected Saturday Morning

Well if 2020 hasn’t been weird enough, we will now have to deal with a damaging frost and freeze across the Carolinas Saturday morning. Widespread 30s and 40s are likely, with the coldest morning temperatures in the foothills and mountains. It will be crazy to need a coat in May in the South. But 2020 has been so normal, right? uses

Instead of shorts and t-shirts on Saturday, many of us will need long pants and a coat. The daytime looks to be windy and cold, as a storm system will be exiting and wrapping in much colder air behind it. Up north, they will be getting SNOW on Friday! Talk about weird!

The Euro temperature anomalies are in for Saturday, and they will chill many of us to the bone along the East Coast (with the exception of Florida of course)

Daytime highs on Saturday will only be in the 50s at best, and it will be cold and blustery. Not an ideal day to go to the lake or fishing, or even outdoors. But those of you who jog mind not mind the cooler temperatures for a change. For the rest of us, it won’t be a bad day to stay home, like we should be doing anyway for those of us who can.


Most likely many of us will not be able to get out of the 50s during the day on Saturday. If you have plants outdoors, you may want to bring them inside Friday night before it starts to get cold. Also, if you have planted and you have gardens growing, you may want to cover them up or spray them with water Friday night.

This will be a damaging frost and freeze for plants and gardens, and also crops. Do what is necessary to protect your plants.

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Author: Michael Griffith

I have had a passion for the weather since a very young age and am a degreed meteorologist. I have a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University and a Master's from Plymouth State University. If you ever see me out and about in the Charlotte, NC area, be sure to say hi!