Significant Cold Blast to Grip Most of US End of Month

We hate to say it when it will be THIS cold, but the US could be in for an EXTREME cold wave by month’s end. Northern folks may be accustomed to these temperatures, but the South will not be. Power outages due to heating demand, frozen pipes, and overall uncomfortable conditions will prevail.

The Euro is indicating WELL BELOW normal temperatures to finish this month. Anomalies are pegged negative on the scale and cannot go any lower. This is for 5,000 feet in the atmosphere, but nonetheless it will be frigid at the surface, maybe even severe. Now would be a very good time to stock up on firewood and fuel oil if you depend on it for heat.

Euro for Monday the 28th of Jan:

Does the Canadian model agree? The timing might not be exactly on the 28th, however for the 27th it has the same extreme cold:

The GFS does enshroud much of the country with a severe cold wave around the 29th:

This matches it’s surface temperature anomaly. Folks, winter has been mild thus far, but what is about to be unleashed over the next 2 weeks could be serious. Make sure animals are not left outside, and if they cannot be brought indoors that they have a form of shelter and heat. This could be historic.

Look at some of these HIGH temperatures for the last week of the month! The south could dip into the single digits at night or even BELOW ZERO.

Prepare for potential hardships now no matter where you are in the US, as the weather could impact many routines of our lives, both personal and business.

We will bring updates on this developing situation. Please share!

-Mike G

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Author: Michael Griffith

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