Snow This Weekend, Plus a Look at the Long-Range


Happy Cinco De Mayo members! I hope you are celebrating this evening or tonight. Looking at this weekend, some snow is coming for parts of the Northeast. I’m looking at upstate PA and NY mainly, but some could fall into New England. I’m thinking the mountaintops will receive the most, and folks at regular elevations will not see as much. This is coming with very cold air for this time of year.

The pattern appears to be unsettled through the middle of this month. While additional snow is unlikely after this weekend, we’re looking at continued cold rains and gusty conditions across the Northeast. The Southeast will suffer with this miserable trend as well. There is no relief in site, except for possibly later this month around the 21st.

In the Southeast, we don’t have to worry about frost killing plants or crops. However, in the Northeast areas mentioned, please take precautions to protect your plants.

-Mike G.


Snow amounts this weekend.
Below normal pressure patterns thus temperatures this weekend.
Below normal pressure patterns and temperatures valid May 16th.

Author: Michael Griffith

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