Coastal Low With High Winds and Rains, Mountain Snows, Expected Mother’s Day Weekend


Mike Griffith, Meteorologist

If all the rain and dreary weather isn’t enough, there will be much more of it next weekend. For Mother’s Day, looking at mainly the Northeast, including the Jersey Coast and NYC, a big coastal low is looking more and more likely. The storm system is expected to rapidly intensify once it moves offshore. Beach erosion and coastal flooding are the primary threats for coastal New Jersey and New York City. Wind gusts could reach 60 mph. Power outages are likely. Again this is Mother’s Day weekend.

The dreary weather from this system may make it down into Virginia. Coastal VA and the Delmarva has to be on watch for this storm, since the high winds and flooding may reach these areas. These conditions could last into Monday the 15th.

On top of that, we have output from the GFS model showing mountain snows in interior New England. This may or may not be a lot in the way of amounts, depending on how cold it gets. The colder it gets, the higher the snow amounts in this area. This is very late in the season for snow to be falling, even in New England.

This could be an extended event, with continuous rain and high winds on the back side of this storm into Tuesday. Ask questions below!

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Author: Michael Griffith

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