Triple-Digit Heat Continues to Sizzle Texas

Texas has been under the broiler lately, and it doesn’t look to let up anytime soon. Temperatures have been soaring into the upper 90s and over 100 in many locations. A ridge of high pressure in the central part of the US is the culprit for the toasty temperatures.

Keep in mind that temperatures inside your car can easily exceed 100 degrees F and don’t leave anyone or any pets in the car with the windows rolled up. Also use caution when attempting to walk your pet across hot surfaces, as surfaces such as blacktop are hotter than the air temperature.

The central Plains have also been baking, and will continue to do so as the Texas heat surges northward into the weekend. With this surge of heat will come the risk for showers and thunderstorms, some storms being severe.

NAM Thursday forecast highs from

Residents should find ways to keep cool, which include staying hydrated and taking a dip in the local pool. Seek air conditioning and try to limit strenuous outdoor activities as this may lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Temperatures on Friday will not be quite as high, but will still be in the dangerous zone since highs will still reach the upper 90s in spots.

The best times for physical outdoor exertion are in the early morning or late evening, as the sun will not be as much of a factor.

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Author: Michael Griffith

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