Tropical Wave Expected to Become Humberto Soon:


We continue to closely monitor the evolution of Tropical Storm Nine which is soon to become a tropical depression and quickly strengthen to a tropical storm upon arriving in the Bahamas later tonight into Saturday.

Upon reaching tropical depression strength, Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine (PTC9) will be named Humberto. It’s projected to venture on to *potentially* graze the Florida coast Saturday into Sunday where Tropical Storm Watches are in effect, but may stay well offshore, before likely re-curving out to sea Monday into Tuesday. Furthermore, it will likely strengthen to a hurricane, but also likely remain hundreds of miles away from the Southeast Coast, as that intensification occurs. Portions of the Carolinas may still see some beneficial rainfall before the cyclone heads out to sea, particularly South Carolina, though impacts would be mostly tolerable. Models remain in some disagreement, but many seem to be leaning in this direction today. That is certainly subject to change.

Satellite Imagery And Model Guidance Courtesy Of Tropical Tidbits

We still want to keep a close eye on this system. Should it trend back further west, especially after intensification, we may have another tropical storm or hurricane to reckon with. This is unlikely at this time, but so continues the theme this season; that you can never be completely certain of anything. We’re also not in the most favorable time-frame for tropical development and risk potential to the Southeast, but heading further into this month and October, long range models are aggressively indicating that this is going to change, so keep that in mind.

Models are still subject to fluctuations on this upcoming cyclone over the next few days, so stay tuned to Carolina Weather Authority for the latest in tropical updates on Facebook and Twitter, and here on the site. Be sure to check out our new models page, where lots of new content has been added, and you can follow along at your personal convenience.

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Author: Michael Griffith

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