What Could Go Wrong This Week, Plus Our Next Storm


Talk of Major Snowstorm This Week is a Bust

Mike Griffith, Meteorologist

As far a big snow on Thursday this week, it is still looking unlikely. The GEFS ensembles still do not merge or “phase” the two areas of low pressure that would be critical in forming a big coastal storm.

However the northern piece of energy will be an Alberta Clipper, and will throw light snow across the Northeast, only leaving a dusting behind.

We will, however, have to wait on the NAM as it has been doing a good job thus far this winter.

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Next Major Storm on the Radar

Our next major coastal system to watch according to the GEFS will be into the end of next week, around Thursday the 23rd. This is looking like a major storm, however with mostly wind and rain.

If you hear of any talk of snow around the 23rd, it will be false, since we will be very warm with much above-average temperatures! It will be mostly rain since it will be so warm.

Therefore, there is no real winter storm on the horizon for many. We need a very cold airmass plus energy to phase, and that does not look to happen. Warm winter!



Author: Michael Griffith

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