Ice Possible in Western NC Sunday, Snow up North

Hello Members! What the big concern for Sunday is, is ice. We are looking at the potential for a glaze of ice across western NC, especially in the foothills and the mountains. This is due to the very cold temperatures we are experiencing tonight, and are allowing the ground to cool to below freezing (32 F). Anything that falls from the sky in the near future will likely form ice on the surface, not limited to railings, sidewalks, cars, parking lots, and especially roads. If you are going out Sunday morning to get supplies for the Super Bowl, be extra cautious as the roads could be treacherous.

Here is the Canadian CMC model for Sunday 7am:

Notice the pink over western NC and the upstate of SC. That is forecast freezing rain. Later in the day, around 1 pm, things start to slowly warm up, but there could still be problems. Here is the Canadian for 1pm Sunday:

This is concerning as models tend to warm things up quickly, but in reality we might not get above freezing as quickly as the models think. Therefore ANYWHERE in the pink above in the models there is the potential for an ice storm. Ice storms are extremely tricky to forecast, and they either turn out to be all rain or all ice. Sometimes, they are ice turning over to rain, and then it’s less of a concern, except for the re-freeze after the storm moves away and colder air moves in.

On Monday, colder air moves in, but not extremely cold. Just seasonable. Head on over to my Youtube channel to see what my thoughts are on February 2018. and makes sure you hit subscribe. I haven’t been posting many videos lately but will ramp that up again. I’m torn between making them public or only for you guys!

-Mike G.

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Author: Michael Griffith

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