Nor’Easter Potential

So, many of you may have seen or heard about the idea of a potential coastal storm for next weekend. Well the rumors are true, there is the potential for a storm next weekend, BUT there are still many variables that need to be figured out as we are still a week away from any impacts. With that being said, let’s take a look at where we stand now and where is our potential storm as we speak.

Currently, both our energies that will be responsible for our upcoming storm are still located out in the Pacific.

Piece number 1 is currently located off the coast of Alaska, and will make its way into Alaska by Monday morning. Then, it will continue to move south and east into British Columbia by Tuesday. Piece number 2 is currently over British Columbia and is diving south and will continue to bring wintry precipitation to the Western US.

Now, disturbance number 1 when it crosses into Canada will weaken, but will continue to hold some energy the will be a huge role in our nor’easter. Also, as disturbance number 2 moves south too will weaken as it crosses the Rocky mountains, but will then reorganize in the Central plains.

GFS 500mb Vorticity for 6z WED Feb 28th:

“A”, or piece number 1, will be our main energy and that will cut across the United States and reform a surface low east of the Rocky Mountains. Notice “B” though, “B”, which is our piece off the coast of Alaska, is the most important piece to this whole potential storm. Notice the kink in the height contours inside the circle. That kink in the height contours is our shortwave, and that shortwave is very important because it is our cold air injection that will merge with “A” in order to give us our nor’easter setup.

We will not know much about details until our disturbances begin to interact which will be late Tuesday. There will be more on our snowstorm potential as we get closer, to really dial in on how much cold and the track. Stay here with us as we get you ready and let you know what to expect as we head on through the week this week.

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Author: Michael Griffith

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