Three Different Scenarios for Holiday Weekend Gulf Disturbance

As we draw closer to the start of hurricane season, we are eyeballing 3 different storm possibilities in the Gulf for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Everyone in the Southeast should plan to get wet. Some may resent the forecast since it could be a wet 3 day weekend.

One possible scenario is a Florida landfall, somewhere near the Keys perhaps. That doesn’t mean it will happen, just one model run outcome.

The Euro has a weaker storm in the Gulf and making landfall somewhere from LA to AL. Therefore, this would be scenario #2. A weak tropical system at best.

And the Canadian, which has a tropical storm hitting New Orleans around the 27th which is Sunday. The concerning agreement is for a Guld storm that takes aim from Florida to LA as the exact path is not easy to predict and is not completely known. However residents along the Gulf Coast should monitor this potential tropical storm. We can rest a bit easy knowing that the ocean surface temperatures are not warm enough to fuel a major storm.

We don’t believe that this means it will be as “active” as last season!

-Mike G.


East Coast Weather Authority


Author: Michael Griffith

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