Tropics Waking up This Weekend and into Next Week

We will potentially have to watch a disturbance off the Southeast Coast this weekend, although this system is not expected to have a significant impact to land. If it does form, it will likely take the right turn out to sea away from land, depending if it forms far enough away from the Carolina Coast. Most of the ensemble members have it doing so. If you have any vacation plans to the Southeast Coast or anywhere in the Tropics, have a source for updates since your plans may be impacted.

However, on its heels there could be a Cape Verde-type system approaching the Lesser Antilles into next week. This could potentially be the biggest system to watch this season. Cape Verde storms are notorious for being powerful since they can intensify as they traverse the open waters of the Atlantic. This one will bear keeping an eye on more than the one this weekend. The next names storm is Chantal, so we will see which one gets named first!

-CWA Meteorologist Mike Griffith

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Author: Michael Griffith

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