Trouble Trouble in the Gulf next Saturday

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So, I am going to post a public article a bit later about something we are watching the in the Gulf next weekend. If this storm forms, it will have the name Beryl.
The GEFS ensembles are sniffing out multiple areas of low pressure which are the red numbers. Those are the last two digits in millibars for forecast pressure readings. There are many possible centers of low pressure for this potential tropical system. As for now, the spread indicates the storm could be anywhere in the Gulf, and is not in good agreement. The only thing we can take away from this is the closed 1008mb contour, which indicates where our storm could be in general.
This could be a LA or TX storms as the ensembles cluster the low pressure centers just offshore from LA.
The GFS operational want to take this storm into TX. We don’t think the water is quite warm enough for another Harvey if the storm does take this track.

Nonetheless, before this tropical system arrives, we will still get wet across the Southeast. GFS rain totals have many locations in the Carolinas and Virginia in the 1-3″ range. Your lawns will grow quickly, and also any dirt areas will become mud if the are not already. Flooding could remain an issue this week.

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Author: Michael Griffith

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