Upper Midwest, Northeast Will Freeze by Friday


We are tracking a shot of very cold air moving down from Canada this week. The Euro model has much below normal temperatures for the Upper Midwest by Thursday, and this same air mass moves into the Northeast by this Friday and into Saturday. A very powerful cold front will be leading the surge of cold air. This front could touch off more severe weather across the Midwest and also the Northeast, as the change from warm to cold is expected to be quite a drop. While not always, this could signify an outbreak of severe weather anywhere from the Midwest and along the East Coast.

This cold blast is not expected to linger. Temperatures will slowly modify through this weekend. We could even be heading back to average or above normal early next week. By Wednesday of next week, we are expecting to be back in the above normal range.

But do not expect long-term above normal temperatures. We are watching the MJO, which will be going into a favorable phase for colder air for the second half of November. This would be more reliable since models are not perfect and may not tell the tale of what will really happen for the rest of November. What I saw was below normal for the rest of November. If you like the cold, you will enjoy this weekend, and you may enjoy the second half of the month.





Note the single digits in Canada on Friday. That is VERY cold air and below normal for this time of year. That is more like a winter air mass.

Therefore, Friday and Saturday are looking quite cold for the areas in purple, especially light purple. These signify MUCH below normal temperatures for this time of year. You may have to depend on your heat pump and/or fireplace to keep warm!

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Author: Michael Griffith

I have had a passion for the weather since a very young age and am a degreed meteorologist. I have a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University and a Master's from Plymouth State University. If you ever see me out and about in the Charlotte, NC area, be sure to say hi!