Will Alberto Become a Hurricane Before Landfall?

Alberto is the first storm of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season and is currently a subtropical storm with sustained winds of 50mph. Alberto has been strengthening as time has gone on, but how much will Alberto strengthen?

Currently, National Hurricane Center has Alberto maintaining tropical storm status.

Alberto is expected to make landfall in Florida on Monday, but models continue to bicker on how strong Alberto will get. Right now, Alberto is battling dry air on the eastern side of the storm which is hindering further development.

GOES 16 Visible Imagery as of 1812z:

With Alberto battling a dry air slot, hurricane status is not likely as we head into Memorial Day. Even though hurricane status is not expected the models continue to disagree with each other on how strong Alberto will get.

NAM 3-km MSLP and 10m Wind:

GFS MSLP and 10m Wind:

NAM 12-km MSLP and 10m Wind:

We do not believe the NAM 3km due to its difficulties with with latent heat release in thunderstorms and other various processes for tropical storm development. Otherwise, we believe the GFS and coarser resolution NAM as they strengthen Alberto into a strong tropical storm.

The main threat with this storm continues to be the heavy rain as many places could see over 10 inches of additional rainfall.

GFS Total Accumulated Precipitation through WED May 30th, 2018:

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Author: Michael Griffith

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